Movement Oils

by Michelle Turner of Movement Lesson™


Are you a parent of a child who needs to improve their movement, vision or cognition? Perhaps you are a professional who wants to further develop your knowledge? The Movement Lesson™ Training series is here!

Here at Movement Lesson™, we focus on each and every child’s unique abilities of processing movement and momentum by addressing their lack of rotation, balance or counter-balance. We aim to enhance and stimulate every movement that your child presents. Any diagnosis or trauma that a child or person has experienced can benefit from Movement Lesson™.

Movement Lesson™ is a therapeutic approach to optimize an individual’s movements. This movement application initiates, stimulates and enhances functional developmental and movement patterns. The gentle application activates the function in the musculoskeletal and fascial systems to create synchronized ease of execution in gravitational mobility, resulting in a greater capacity for increasingly complex movements and cognitive reorganization.

We use the following principles:

  • Utilizing a gentle touch, a practitioner can introduce the human body to functional movement. This is significant for neurologically impaired/traumatized bodies that they may respond with improved functions.
  • Rotational movement is key to the formation and initiation of functional movement
  • Combining gentle touch and rotation can help improve body mechanics and improve the functional movement vocabulary of a system
  • By identifying and reinforcing rotation within a movement, range of motion can be significantly increased
Movement Lesson - Baby

When a child is not reacting to a movement, then you need to introduce movements that they can do which may entail simply helping the child to breathe better. Once you have a response, then you can add to their capabilities. Now you’re in progressive mode – the stage that turns the learning switch on.

Movement Lesson™ can be applied by a practitioner and/or parents/caretaker in private and/or group settings.

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ALL ABOUT Michelle Turner


Turner holds a specialized Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, Illustration with a minor in Architecture from Syracuse University. She is very active in her community and has been involved with numerous programs such as: Jumpstart, Prestart, More Than Words by Fern Sussman at SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center), Baby Program, Summer Program and PreSchool at FBC (Foundation for the Blind), Working with Children with Special Needs, Vitality, Sensuality and Youthfulness, in the 2007 training at the Anat Baniel Method Center. Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) Level One – Primitive Reflexes and ADD/ADHD, Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) Level Two – Emotions and Inner Leadership 2012, Cranial Rhythms.

Michelle is the owner or Movement Lesson LLC, Movement Integration Specialist & Educator. Author of multiple publications and educational materials. The author and developers of The Newborn Movement Assessment. Michelle creates and maintains all her own websites, blogs, forum groups, videos, and YouTube Channels.


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