Cilantro Oil: Uses & Benefits


Does your immune system need a boost?

Are you having trouble with your digestion?

Is your food missing that special pop of flavor?

Cilantro has been used for centuries in both medicinal and culinary forms. Its crisp and light scent is great for perking up the sense, and its bright and fresh flavor is popular in the culinary world. Ingesting the oil can promote a healthy digestive tract. It can also improve your immune system, which can become vulnerable during changing seasons. You can use the essential oil in a diffuser, in your cooking, and with other oils for a relaxing massage.

What is Cilantro Essential Oil?

Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name: Coriandrum sativum
  • Application: Aromatic, Topical, Ingestion, Neat
  • Plant Part: Leaf
  • Extraction Method: Steam distillation
  • Aromatic Description: Bright, crisp, fresh, sweet
  • Main Chemical Components: Linalool, 2-decenal

Principal Benefits

  • Can improve the immune system
  • Can regulate digestive system
  • Relaxes aching muscles
  • Adds flavor to cooking

How to Use Cilantro Essential Oil

This essential oil has multiple uses that are beneficial to many different areas of the body. Target one specific area with the oil, or use it in all of its application methods to take advantage of its full benefits.

Directions for Use:

Mixed with other oils, a few drops of it in a diffuser creates a wonderful aroma. To take internally, dilute each drop of essential oil with four ounces of water before using. Rub the essential oil into sore muscles with a carrier oil.

Cilantro Essential Oil Uses

  • Aromatic Use: This essential oil can be diffused with other citrus oils for a bright scent to perk the senses.
  • Topical Use: Cilantro oil can be combined with a carrier oil and massaged into sore areas.
  • Internal Use: Dilute each drop of essential oil with water, and use it in cooking to enhance flavors. It can aid in digestive and immune health. It has a strong flavor, so use with discretion.

Cilantro Oil Health Benefits

  • This essential oil can help relieve a sour or aching stomach after a heavy meal. Regular ingestion also helps with regulating the digestive tract.
  • Regular ingestion of this essential oil also aids in a healthy immune system and having a quick response.
  • It helps control and regulate the nervous system. This has calming and relaxing effects on the body, which can aid in irregular sleep.
  • When used aromatically, this essential oil can relieve stress and calm your brain activity. This is also helpful in aiding with sleep or general relaxation.
  • When mixed with a carrier oil, the essential oil can soothe aching muscles. The scent and cool feeling will make you feel relaxed all over.
  • This oil has great health benefits for topical treatments, such as rubbing into finger and toe nails. It also brings a healthy glow to lips, teeth and gums.
  • It is frequently used in cooking, and it makes a great addition to any dishes needing a pop of flavor. The flavor provides a fresh and crisp taste to salads, meat, soups and sauces. Spanish, Asian and Italian foods are greatly inspired by this herb.
  • Ingesting this essential oil also has great antioxidant benefits. It cleanses the body to feel renewed and healthy.
Cilantro – Coriandrum sativum

Cilantro Essential Oil Research

Cilantro has been used for centuries for aromatic and internal uses. It was used in perfumes as long ago as Ancient Greece. Ancient Romans used cilantro as a means to cover bad smells and for flavoring meat. Studies have been done to test the health benefits of the essential oil, and, in 2011, a study was performed to understand its anti-anxiety powers. After putting mice through mazes, light and dark test, and a social interaction test, they were given the essential oil, and their anxiety levels reduced. The essential oil seemed to be almost as effective as the drug diazepam. Studies still need to continue to better understand what particular components of cilantro affect stress levels, and none of these statements are FDA approved.

Cilantro Essential Oil Nutrition

Cilantro oil has numerous health benefits, both external and internal. When inhaled, the bright and cool scent can significantly reduce stress and ease the mind. This is also great for relieving anxiety. When diluted with water, this essential oil can add a great, fresh flavor to many types of foods, such as dishes with Spanish, Italian and Asian influences. Ingesting the oil also provides anti-oxidants, which helps cleanse the body of toxins. Regular use can help improve the digestive system as well as give the immune system a boost. Its internal applications also calm the nervous system, which promotes better sleep and calmness. Diffusing the oil with other citrus oils provides a sense-awakening scent while also being relaxing and soothing the mind. Topically applying it to the skin provides a similar effect to muscles, relieving aches and soreness. Topical application will also aid in restful sleeping.

Cilantro Essential Oil Safety

Cilantro has powerful effects on the body, both internal and external, but it needs to be diluted in some fashion in every use. This oil’s powerful properties can irritate sensitive skin, as well as internal tissues, so always combine it with liquid or a carrier oil before using. For topical applications, this essential oil needs to be combined with a carrier oil, such as hemp seed oil. Avoid applying the mixture to sensitive or delicate areas. When ingesting, each drop of it should be diluted with four ounces of water before drinking or adding to other foods. If diffusing, it will be most effective when combined with other essential oils with similar properties.

Cilantro Essential Oil Substitutes

Cilantro oil can replace many over-the-counter products from drug stores. This essential oil is multi-use, and has many purposes in aiding irritation in a few ways. Instead of drinking Pepto-Bismol or taking Tums, dilute and drink a drop or two of oil to relieve stomach pains or indigestion, after a large meal. Instead of taking melatonin, which is very easy to become immune to, apply it either internally or topically to ease the mind and create a restful state for a night of sleep. Adding it to a diffuser will also aid in peaceful sleeping. When winter is approaching, add the essential oil to your eating regimen to help boost your immune system, along with Vitamin C.

Cilantro Essential Oil Blends Well With

Cilantro blends very well with other essential oils with a bright and cool disposition. Despite the strong fragrance, the result will leave you calm and relaxed. The essential oil can blend well with citrus scents, such as grapefruit or cardamom. Simply add a few drops of each scent to a diffuser, and enjoy a peaceful state of mind.It is also great for relaxing muscles, so you may blend it with another oil, such as peppermint, to relieve aching muscles. The cooling properties of this oil will allow overworked muscles to loosen. It can be mixed with other oils, like ginger and spearmint, in teas or other beverages to help unwind an upset stomach. This combination will also help regulate the digestive tract. Always dilute the essential oil before ingesting, and always use a carrier oil when applying it topically.


Aside from adding a wonderful flavor to meats, salads, sauces and soups, this oil has many qualities and health benefits. The cool and fresh smell helps ease anxiety and relieve stress, when dropped into a diffuser. It also helps loosen tight muscles, when applied topically. Regularly ingesting the oil helps regulate a healthy digestive system, and it also can soothe an upset stomach. It can improve an irregular nervous system, which is great for having a content mind and getting a full night of sleep. There are many other benefits to The essential oil, such as improving the look of nails, lips, teeth and gums, when rubbed on topically.


While the essential oil aids in many health needs, it is not a replacement for a prescribed medication or treatment. The oil can not cure, prevent or treat any ailment. If you are pregnant or nursing, you should not use it. While studies have shown that this oil can aid in stress relief or anxiety, these studies are ongoing, and the full effects of this oil have not yet been determined. Always consult a doctor or physician before using essential oils as a means to improve internal or external health.