Essential oils 101

Oils 101

What do I need to know about Essential oils?

 The aromatherapy is beneficial when applied to the skin

Every type of Essential oil has a different chemical composition that affects how our body absorbs the oil and the effects it has on us. Essential oils can help alter our mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing by triggering our body’s own natural processes. Essential oils are made up of tiny molecules that can deliver healing properties to our systems. The best way for Essential oils to be absorbed is through inhalation and absorption through the skin.

The blend of CBD Oil and Essential oils products are absorbed through both inhalation and skin:

Easy to apply just drop a few drops onto the skin and apply during Movement Lesson.

 Penetrates quickly through the skin at various pulse points

 Discreet and easy for travel

Essential Oil Clinical Studies

Chamomile Essential Oil:

Lavender Essential Oil:

Lemon Essential Oil:

Peppermint Essential Oil:

Vanilla Essential Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil: