Essential Oils For Itching


Anyone who has been following health and beauty trends is aware of the myriad of health benefits that we can get from using essential oils.

These oils are the true essence of plants and provide us with healing solutions that are otherwise not easily obtained through other methods.

There’s plenty of research out there that pertains to the healing properties of certain plants and the essential oils that they produce.

We all know about the miracle plants that offer us protection from free radicals and even boost collagen production, but how many people understand how effective essential oils can be for itchy skin?

There are plenty of essential oils that can soothe itchy or irritated skin and in this article, we’ll discuss the top five essential oils for itching so you can choose the one that is most appropriate for you!

Essential Oils For Itching

1. Bergamot Essential Oil

Bergamot Essential Oil is a little off the radar, but we expect it to start booming in popularity soon as people begin to realize how much this little oil has to offer.

Bergamot Essential Oil can be used for a plethora of different skin related conditions including boils, acne, cystitis, psoriasis, and itching.

This oil is a welcome relief to those who are suffering from major skin conditions and want to opt for an organic option that will soothe their skin.

Bergamot Essential Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and also has a fresh citrus scent with slightly floral undertones.

Bergamot Essential Oil Notes

  • This essential oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.
  • It has a pleasant citrusy scent with a slight floral undertone.
  • It can be used for serious skin conditions and itching.

2. Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli Essential Oil is especially good for chronic skin conditions like eczema and acne, making it one of the most powerful essential oils available.

There is also some evidence that it helps with athlete’s foot and dandruff.

Patchouli Essential Oil’s power comes from its compelling antibacterial components and its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory agent.

In addition to helping to heal existing conditions, Patchouli Essential Oil is also good at preventing new infections from happening.

To use Patchouli Essential Oil, simply dilute it with neutral oil and apply it directly to the infected area.

You should start to feel relief nearly right away!

Patchouli Essential Oil also has a pleasant scent that has been associated with stress relief and can act as a slight mood enhancer.

Patchouli Essential Oil Notes

  • This powerful essential oil can help chronic skin conditions like eczema and acne.
  • Patchouli Essential Oil can heal existing conditions and help prevent new ones from happening.
  • This oil is applied directly to the affected area.

3. Rose Essential Oil

Roses are not just beautiful flowers, they also make an essential oil that our skin loves!

Rose Essential Oil is hydrating and can aid itching skin.

There isn’t enough substantial evidence to link it to anti-aging, although some people think it can minimize the look of scars and plump up sagging skin.

Rose Essential Oil also has a particularly gorgeous smell that can help quell headaches and is even rumored to enhance moods. There is not compelling scientific evidence to back up the claims of mood enhancement, but there is some circumstantial evidence to suggest that this is a side-effect.

Those suffering from itchy skin will want to deeply inhale Rose Essential Oil while also applying it to the affected area.

Rose Essential Oil Notes

  • Rose Essential Oil has a gorgeous scent that some say can quell headaches.
  • To use Rose Essential Oil for itch relief, deeply inhale the oil, dilute and apply to the affected area and wait for the effects to kick in.

4. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

We all know that Chamomile is delicious in tea, but it also makes an amazing essential oil.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil has all of the traditional benefits that you would expect, plus a few more surprises.

It is a compelling anti-inflammatory agent and can tame irritated skin and relieve itching.

Roman Chamomile Essential Oil gets under the first layer of the skin to really deliver some serious relief and get to the root cause of your itching.

Applying Chamomile Essential Oil is fairly easy. All you have to do is dilute it with another oil and apply it directly to the affected area.

It is mild enough to be able to be applied in a larger dose.

Keep the Chamomile Tea but add some Chamomile Essential Oil to your medicine cabinet to really make the most out of this amazing plant!

Chamomile Essential Oil Facts

  • Chamomile Essential Oil has the power to tame and calm your skin.
  • It is gentle enough even for those with sensitive skin
  • This essential oil has additional health benefits, like mood relaxation and calming power.

5. Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Essential Oil

Also known as Melaleuca Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil has been cropping up in many beauty products lately.

There is a very good reason why this particular oil is appearing in your favorite face washes and toners: it is wonderful for the skin.

Tea Tree Essential Oil is anti-inflammatory and helps calm down irritated skin with ease. Additionally, if your skin is hurting and itching, Tea Tree Essential Oil can help with the pain.

People use Tea Tree Essential Oil to combat certain types of fungus and it is wonderful for sensitive skin because it is totally natural. You can even use it on your face with no problems whatsoever.

To use Tea Tree Essential Oil effectively, simply dilute it with a carrier oil and apply it to the affected area. You will be amazed at the results.

Tea Tree Essential Oil Facts

  • This essential oil is gaining tons of popularity in the skin care market.
  • Tea Tree Essential Oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance that will tame skin.
  • It is really easy to apply Tea Tree Essential Oil by simply diluting it with another oil and applying it to skin.

Final Word

If you have not considered using essential oils as part of your healthcare and skin care regimen, you really should look into them. In addition to the ones that we’ve outlined in this article, there are plenty of others that boost skin health and promote collagen. Natural remedies are always best for skin that suffers from itching or rashes because they are generally kind enough not to irritate the skin further. Also, these essential oils generally have a wonderful scent when applied so you’ll get the side effects of breathing in beautified air!

If you have itchy skin or occasionally suffer from rashes or discomfort, you really should use essential oil. You can purchase these oils at a number of different places including health care stores and online. We are confident that when you begin incorporating essential oils into your regular beauty routine you’ll wish that you had sooner!