Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil: Uses & Benefits


Is your skin looking paler than it normally is?

Are you being uncharacteristically moody lately?

Do you need something to raise your spirit?

The first thing that you should know is that Hawaiian sandalwood isn’t the same as the traditional one. The latter is most commonly sourced from India and it is one which has started to decline in the last few years. This is mainly due to the fact that newer varieties manage to deliver a significantly faster growth rate. With this in mind, Hawaiian sandalwood, for instance, grows almost twice as fast. And, as it turns out, it may also bring a range of different benefits. The oil is produced through the steam distillation of the heartwood of the tree. It’s safe to say that almost everything in the two oils is particularly different. The Hawaiian sandalwood oil is used for a range of different skin conditions and it may promote prominent cardiovascular support.

What is Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil?

Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name: Santalum paniculatum
  • Application: Aromatic, topical, internal
  • Plant Part: Heartwood
  • Extraction Method: Steam Distillation
  • Aromatic Description: Sweet, woody, rich and honey
  • Main Chemical Components: alpha-santalol, beta-santalol and lanceol

Principal Benefits

  • It can promote healthier looking skin and repair skin imperfections
  • The oil might significantly enhance and uplift your mood
  • It may also provide cardiovascular support

How to Use Hawaiian Sandalwood Oil

It can be used through the three different application methods – aromatic, topical and internal. However, it’s worth noting that each one of them will bring different benefits. This is why you might want to take this into account so you can target particular conditions. This is very beneficial. Of course, there is no harm in combining some of the uses together.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Uses

  • Aromatic Use: Aromatic use of the oil can induce a restful and good night’s sleep. That’s particularly convenient.
  • Topical Use: You can add up to two drops in your moisturizer or to your night cream. This may help you rejuvenate your skin and bring back its glow.
  • Internal Use: Sandalwood oil can also be consumed internally.

Directions for Use:

The first thing that you ought to know is that you have to consider certain proportions. Even though the oil is known for bringing quite a lot of benefits, it could also cause certain complications. That’s why when you diffuse it you should put no more than three or four drops. At the same time, whenever you are using it topically, make sure to use carrier oil or blend it with your moisturizer.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Health Benefits

  • You can add the oil to your shampoo or to your moisturizer. This may as well improve the overall look of your skin as well as of your hair.
  • Diffusing a few drops of the oil in your bedroom may relieve you from the stress accumulated throughout the long day. You can also apply it to your neck and shoulders topically to achieve relatively the same result. This may also help you get a good night’s sleep.
  • It may promote healthier looking and smooth skin.
  • You can create a DIY spa experience at home. In order to do so, you have to fill a larger bowl of hot water and apply a couple of drops of the oil to your face. Cover it with a towel and place your head over the steaming water. This may actively rejuvenate your facial skin.
  • You can inhale it directly from the palms of your hands or diffuse it regularly in order to induce a sensation of relaxation.
  • Another prominent benefit from the oil is enhanced mood. You can achieve it through aromatherapies. They will lift you up significantly and may also have significantly beneficial overall health effect.
  • Sandalwood oil might also promote cardiovascular support, which is most certainly something to be taken into account

Hawaiian Sandalwood

Hawaiian Sandalwood – Santalum paniculatum

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Research

Hawaiian sandalwood is just as beneficial and relaxing as the country of its origin. It is mainly used for the range of skin benefits that it can deliver. Apart from that, it’s important to note that its fast-growing is one of its most critical characteristics. This is the main reason for which it’s quickly becoming a leading essential oil on the market which experiences an increasing demand. Of course, the variety of different benefits for your overall body that it may deliver is also a contributing factor. However, you should also know that the oil is not approved by the FDA.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Nutrition

It doesn’t have any substantial nutritional properties. However, it’s not what it’s designated for. Sandalwood oil may bring a range of different health benefits through prolonged exposure and that’s what matters. It is mainly used for its powerful aromatherapy properties. It may help induce cardiovascular support as well. If you apply the oil topically with carrier oil this may deliver a range of skin benefits. It may help you rejuvenate aging skin while helping you prevent and treat skin imperfections at the same time. Furthermore, if you inhale the oil from your palms or through diffusing it, you will experience a great sensation of relaxation. This is especially true if you do so after a stressed-out and bothersome day at the workplace.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Safety

While the oil is known for being capable of bringing a range of different benefits, there are certain considerations that you have to account for. Right off the bat, it’s not advisable to apply it to your skin without carrier oil. This might cause skin irritations, especially if applied to sensitive spots. Also, you should refrain from applying it to very sensitive areas such as your eyes or inner ears in order to avoid complications. The oil should be kept away from children for their own safety. You should also refrain from using it if you are undergoing special medical treatment unless your physician has allowed it explicitly. The same counts if you are pregnant.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Substitute

As you may have already noticed, the oil brings a range of skin benefits. As such, it might be a good idea to substitute your everyday over-the-counter cosmetics. They are infused with artificial substances and chemicals anyways. Furthermore, the aroma of the oil is also particularly beneficial and relaxing. As such, you can use it in your car instead of your regular air fresheners. Apart from that, you can add it to your moisturizers and hair conditioners in order to achieve better results.

Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil Blends Well With

There are quite a lot of different oils that this particular one blends well with. Of course, given the fact that aroma therapy is one of its main designations, you should consider blending it with powerful aromatic oil. Lavender rings a bell immediately as it’s one of the most aromatic essences. Combined, both oils will most certainly make a great aroma therapy and true spa experience. Of course, you can also blend it with other oils such as citrus oils, bergamot, melaleuca, marjoram and others of this kind.


It goes without saying that the Hawaiian sandalwood essential oil is one which may bring a lot of benefits. Countless of people have already reported its prominent benefits. What is more, it blends well with almost every other essence, making it perfectly versatile and highly useful. Even though there are certain considerations that you have to account for, with a reasonable amount of care you shouldn’t have any problems.


Sandalwood essential oil is one of the most popular essences on the market. It has broad applications in both topical and aromatherapy. As such, countless of people have already reported its prominent benefits. That being said, the FDA hasn’t yet approved it officially. This is why you should refrain from substituting it for any prescribed drug or medication.