Lemon Oil: Uses & Benefits


Are you struggling with your detox routine?

Do you have troubles breathing at times?

Are you feeling down and unmotivated?

Citrus Limon is a widely known species of evergreen tee which is native to the continent of Asia. It has a distinctive taste deriving from its juice which is used for a range of different things. Lemon juice is applied in culinary, aromatherapy, medicine and even in the cleaning industry. The essential oil is derived from the peels of the fruit through cold pressing procedures. The oil itself is known for providing a range of different benefits.

What is Lemon Oil?

Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name: Citrus Limon
  • Application: Aromatic, topical, internal
  • Plant Part: Peel (Lemon rinds)
  • Extraction Method: Expressed/cold pressed
  • Aromatic Description: Bright, fresh, clean and citrus
  • Main Chemical Components: Limonene, beta pinene and y-terpinene

Principal Benefits

  • It may help you cleanse your body and stimulate digestive functioning
  • May help you get in a positive mood through aromatherapy
  • It may support clear breathing and respiratory functioning

How to Use Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is particularly versatile: it could be consumed, diffused or applied topically. What is more, each application method has different health benefits and hence you can use it depending on your own personal requirements. For example, it is known for being high on antioxidants and it may have prominent cleansing capabilities. The acidic count of the substance is also important factor contributing to this. At the same time, diffusing it may promote healthy respiratory function while applying it topically may have powerful rejuvenating properties on your skin.

Directions for Use:

Drawing the benefits of it can happen through all three possible uses. If you want to enjoy its clean, bright and fresh aroma, you have to simply pop up to four drops in a regular, commercially bought diffuser. This is going to help you get rid of bad thoughts and emotions and induce a feeling of positivity and motivation. At the same time, you can apply it topically – this may help you prevent skin blemishes and it may have an overly cleansing effect on your skin. Using carrier oil is highly advisable as it is rather prominent. Last but not least, internal usage of it is also known to bring a lot on the table. It may enhance the functioning of your digestive and respiratory systems and it may have powerful cleansing properties. You can use it as part of your detox routine.

Lemon Essential Oil Uses

  • Aromatic Use: Using as part of your aromatherapy is highly beneficial. It will induce a feeling of positivity and it may increase your motivation.
  • Topical Use: A drop of the oil in a bowl of warm water can be used against the further development of acne and other skin blemishes.
  • Internal Use: When used internally, it may support the overall healthy functioning of your digestive and respiratory system.

Lemon Essential Oil Health Benefits

  • Lemon oil is without a doubt one of the most beneficial extracts available. When you diffuse it, it’s going to have an uplifting as well as energizing effect. It may also significantly improve your mood and induce motivation.
  • The oil may also cleanse your entire body naturally and help you with your digestive functioning. This is due to the high count of antioxidants which are contained within the extract.
  • If you are experiencing seasonal respiratory discomfort, diffusing in your home, office or vehicle may help you substantially. It may also help you with your overall respiratory function.
  • Because of its high antioxidant count, it is widely used to prevent the spread of acne on your face. This is a common skin condition which affects mainly teenagers but it’s known to affect adults as well. You can mix the oil with warm water to create a beneficial facial peel.
  • It can also be used in culinary – its distinctive aroma and taste are used to complement a range of different desserts.
  • Diffusing it may help you create an overly uplifting environment as a whole
Lemon Oil
Lemon – Citrus Limon

Lemon Essential Oil Research

Lemon tree is one of the most widely known citrus trees in the entire world. It’s a species of a characteristically small evergreen tree which is indigenous to the continent of Asia. However, it is widely used and grown throughout the entire world. The essential oil itself is derived from the peel of the ellipsoidal yellow fruit through the process of cold pressing. This is how the essence is extracted. The entire fruit is known for having a range of beneficial properties. Interestingly enough, the juice is used in a range of cleaning solutions because of its acidity and high counts of antioxidants. That’s why it has a range of characteristic cleaning properties apart from the overall health benefits that it has to offer. Even though it has been used as a food addition, essential oil and even a cleaning solution, it is yet to be approved by the FDA for its powerful properties.

Lemon Essential Oil Nutrition

Prolonged usage can have long-term beneficial health effects on your overall body. As we mentioned above, the oil is rich in antioxidants. This is why it may be used as a powerful cleansing agent, hence attributing to the proper functioning of your digestive and respiratory system. What is more, it is commonly used to induce feelings of positivity and motivation. Simply put a few drops of the essence in the diffuser in your home, car or office and this may help you through tough moments of anxiety and stress. Alternatively, you can also rub a few drops of the oil in your hands and inhale it with your mouth and nose – this may help clean your respiratory airways. The juice itself is also known for having a range of nutritional benefits due to the high count of antioxidants. This is why it is almost always used as part of detoxification routines.

Lemon Essential Oil Safety

Lemon oil is very prominent. This is the main reason for which you should use it with a certain amount of caution. Right off the bat, when you apply the oil topically on sensitive skin areas, you should use carrier oil. This is going to prevent skin irritations. Also, it’s necessary to ensure that the oil doesn’t come in touch with sensitive areas such as your eyes or your inner ears. Of course, you should keep it away from children. If you are undergoing any special treatment or you are currently pregnant, you need to talk to your physician before you start using the oil – this is absolutely critical.

Lemon Essential Oil Substitutes

Now, lemon oil is a well-known essence, particularly famous for its antioxidant count. As such, it could be used as a substitute for artificial detox solutions. Furthermore, when mixed with warm water, lemon oil can help you cleanse acne and other skin blemishes; hence it could serve as a substitute for over-the-counter cosmetic products which are infused with different artificial substances. The oil is also used in culinary to add the distinctive taste that it’s famous for and you can use it as a condiment. Keep in mind that lemon oil could also substitute a range of different cleaning detergents thanks to its acidic count.

Lemon Essential Oil Blends Well With

Lemon oil is one of the most famous and widely used essential oils known so far. Furthermore, it’s also capable of blending perfectly well with other oils, depending on the result that you want to achieve. For instance, if you want to achieve an energizing effect you can blend it with other citrus essences such as grapefruit oil. On the other hand, when used as part of your aromatherapy, you can blend it with juniper berry, geranium, helichrysum and others of this kind to induce a feeling of positivity.


It’s obvious that lemon oil may bring a range of different benefits. The best thing about it is that separate applications methods are capable of inducing specific advantages for your physical and mental health. As such, you can easily target your particular issues and use the oil accordingly. It is also very versatile in terms of applications and it blends well with a range of different oils, making it even more beneficial.


Lemon oil is one of the most commonly used and widely known essences on the market. It has been extracted and used as an essence for centuries. Even though countless of people have reported its benefits, science has quite a lot of catching up to do. The FDA still hasn’t recognized its medicinal properties and as such it’s yet to be approved. This is why you shouldn’t replace your medically prescribed drugs with lemon oil.