Vetiver Oil: Uses & Benefits


Are you feeling overly emotional lately?

Do you have problems fighting off the common cold?

Are you stressed out over work?

Vetiver is a well known perennial bunchgrass which belongs to the Poaceae family. It is indigenous to the country of India. Interestingly enough, in the western as well as northern parts of the country it’s referred to as khus. As a matter of fact, vetiver also shares quite a lot of different morphological specifications with other popular fragrant grasses like the citronella and the lemongrass. The important part of the plant, however, is the root system. It is being treated with hydro diffusion and that’s how the precious essential oil is produced. The latter is known to have certain strong overall health benefits.

What is Vetiver Essential Oil?

Quick Facts

  • Scientific Name: Vetiveria Zizanioides
  • Application: Aromatic, topical, internal
  • Plant Part: Root
  • Extraction Method: Hydro Diffusion
  • Aromatic Description: Caramel, sweet, smoky and woody
  • Main Chemical Components: Carvone, khusimol, isovalencenol

Principal Benefits

  • It may induce supportive properties for your immune system
  • The oil has a grounding effect on your emotions
  • It may help you with stress-relieve in tense situations

How to Use Vetiver Oil

The oil can be used with all of the application methods. As a matter of fact, each of the uses may provide you with separate and centric benefits. As such, you can use them intentionally to target different conditions. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from using a combination of application methods in order to draw more value and benefits from the compound.

Vetiver Essential Oil Uses

  • Aromatic Use: Diffuse a drop or two in a regular diffuser in order to induce calming and grounding effect on your emotions. This is also particularly soothing.
  • Topical Use: Dissolve a few drops of the oil in your hot tub. This will ensure deep relaxation and further benefits for your overall body.
  • Internal Use: Take a capsule of vetiver with lemon before longer travels and this may provide you with powerful immune-supporting properties.

Directions for Use:

When using the oil you need to make sure that you maintain the advised proportions. If you are going to diffuse the oil make sure to use no more than four drops in a diffuse of your choice. At the same time, if you want to use it internally, you should consider taking it in capsules or diluting one drop in 4 fl. oz. of liquid, regardless of its kind. Last but not least, the oil allows separate usage but it’s not advisable. It’s always better to use carrier oil just to be sure that no skin irritations are caused.

Vetiver Essential Oil Health Benefits

  • If you have had a long day of challenging physical activities, you can apply a few drops of the oil to your feet. Rub it gently and give yourself a nice feet massage. You will quickly start to feel the soothing sensation.
  • After a long and difficult day at school, work or at home, apply a few drops of the oil to your feet and neck – this may quickly calm your nerves and get you in a far more relaxed state.
  • The oil is known to have a very grounding and calming effect on your emotions. So, if you are feeling overly moody lately, this may help you out.
  • As you prepare for a longer travel, regardless of whether it is for leisure or business, you can take one capsule of lemon with vetiver. This may provide you with powerful immune-supporting qualities.
  • You can use the oil as an earthy base for a range of different DIY diffuser essential oil blends.
  • The grounding effect may induce a particularly soothing sensation. This is mainly thanks to the sesquiterpenes.


Vetiver – Vetiveria Zizanioides

Vetiver Essential Oil Research

As we mentioned above, the oil is a perennial bunchgrass and apparently it has quite a lot in common with the citronella and the lemongrass. Of course, this is only in terms of plant specifications. The essential oils themselves are particularly distinctive and rather different. The process of hydro diffusion manages to comprehensively extract the beneficial compounds out of the roots of the plant in order to provide the user with all the right results. Even though the oil has a broad application in aromatherapy and other herbal medicinal practices,these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Vetiver essential oil is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Vetiver Essential Oil Nutrition

Even though the oil doesn’t have any substantial nutritional value, the benefits that it may bring are to be considered. This is especially true if you use it for a prolonged time span. The more you use it, the more you will be able to experience its powerful benefits. Right off the bat, you should know that this is one of the most popular and prominent aromatic oils. As such, it is widely used in aromatherapy for its grounding and soothing capacities. As a matter of fact, it is commonly used as an earthy ground for comprehensive essential oil blends. This way the therapists channel an abundance of benefits. At the same time, the oil can induce very relaxing feelings when rubbed on your feet after a long day of physical activities, for instance.

Vetiver Essential Oil Safety

It’s important to understand that a reasonable amount of care can go a long way when using essential oils. The oil might be particularly beneficial but you should take certain things into account. Keep it away from your inner ears and eyes. Make sure that it’s stored away from children as it could be dangerous if ingested in large quantities. Furthermore, if you are currently undergoing medical treatments which are uncharacteristic or you are pregnant, refrain from using it unless explicitly allowed by your treating physician. This is very important.

Vetiver Essential Oil Substitute

The oil can be a perfect substitute to your common air fresheners which induce artificial scents. Instead of using those, diffuse up to 4 drops of oil in a regular commercially bought diffuser. Not only will this freshen up the air and give it an earthy scent, it may calm your nerves during the stressful working day. The oil is mainly used in aromatherapy and it’s advisable that it’s used in combination instead of as a substitute for other oils. It could serve like a very convenient earthy foundation for beneficial oil blends.

Vetiver Essential Oil Blends Well With

Speaking of blends, the oil is particularly versatile and as such it goes well with a range of other oils. You can blend it with other earthen oils with distinctive scents such as sandalwood, melaleuca or white fir – this is going to attribute to an overly relaxing environment. On the other hand, if you want to get energized, you can mix it with certain fresher scents like lime, lemon, grapefruit, orange or wild orange. The resulting blend will get you going and this could help you through the early afternoon hours when lethargy usually takes over.


The oil has a lot to offer and that’s a fact. It’s one of the essential oils the main potential of which lies within aromatherapy. As a matter of fact, the oil is amongst the most commonly used ones in a range of massage studios and spa centers. The fact that it’s so versatile also makes it perfectly comfortable as it could be mixed with a lot of other essences for more prominent results.


Vetiver oil has been used as an integral part of aromatherapy sessions for quite some time. What is more, a tremendous amount of people have recognized and felt its beneficial properties. However, these advantages are not yet conclusively determined and isolated by science. That’s why the FDA hasn’t issued an approval regarding its properties. This is the main reason for which as of now it’s not advisable for you to substitute vetiver oil for any kind of prescribed medication.